Jeff, our friend and the pastor of Rayong Vineyard, had a strange wish when we asked him what he wanted as a gift and greeting from Norway. Off course he wanted som smoked salmon and other typical Norwegian food, but his highest wish was to get a record (LP) with the Norwegian singer Kari Bremnes. I really thought I had misunderstood him. Did he really mean Kari Bremnes? Well, as you can see at the photo, he did! Now the newest record of this Norwegian songwriter and artist is being played in Yindee Coffee House! 

It so special to be a part of the worship in Rayong Vineyard! And it is fascinating how they use the same songs as we do in Norway, and in Plan B. God is the same wherever we travel, and he is worthy to be praised in all tongues! 

It's so good to be back in this beautiful country again! The trip from Norway was not exactly as planned, with bad weather and delays. Ended up walking in snow with sandals and summer clothing. And off course I ended up with a cold with fever and bad coughing. But no cold can destroy the wonderful feeling of arriving in Thailand! :-) 

The sunday after we returned to Rayong, I asked Jeff if I could share my thoughts and how I have felt being a part of this adventure and the trip to Chiang Mai, and suddenly I found myself standing there in front of this wonderful people!

Johns sister ran a Hotel in Chiang Mai, and they had an exibition where the story of the family and village was told , displaying pictures, newspaper articles and even opium pipes from the old times. 

On our way home, waiting to return to Rayong, Jeff took me on a «Coffee Shop-jumping» in Chiang Mai, the capitale of coffehouses in Thailand! I have never seen so many Coffe Shops in none place before! And I think I got my dose of coffein that day. But what a day, and what a splendid way to end our adventure. In one of the Coffee Shops, one of Jeffs favorites, he shared his dream about Yindee, Rayong Vineyard and a new building with room for a music studio and creating a enviroment with worship beeing the center.

I was introduced to a friend of Jon who made tea in the other village, and again I got to hear his story. He used to be a military, some sort of a specialforce soldier in Puket, and he had been through tuff times and seen a lot of terrible things.

Jon took us to a nearby village, not far from the border of Myanmar, where he had teached two young men to grow coffee and tea. And as a man of good faith and heart, wanting to help these men to succeed and make a living, he actually buys the coffee and tea from them, later ending up at Yindee Coffee House with Jeff! How wonderful to see this brave mans heart for his people, and his faith in God!

At last, after a long trip, driving on bumby roads in the bush, I'm finally here! It's a dream come true! I get to see the village, the coffee plant and meet with the people living here! God has taken me on an adventure, one of I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams.

I came width Jeff to the site where they are going to build their new home for Yindee Coffee House the church for a second time. It’s so exiting to be a part of this and to see what God does!
I really enjoy beeing with my friends in Rayong Vineyard and in Yindee Coffee House with all these fantastic people. I can feel that I’m in the right place at the right time. Here comes people for a cup of coffee, to talk about life and share stories while there is worship beeing played in the room next door.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to look around in Rayong, and there are some beautiful places and espescially the colourful fishingboats cought my eye. Not exactly yachts, but still so charming. I also met with some of the sweet ladies on the harbour, who was selling fish.

 Today I got my own Thai mobilnumber! Wow! Feels great! ? And how fun to receive my first Thai phonecall.

So far I have had two hours with Thai Lessons. Not easy to learn, but oh so fun!

When I came to Thailand this time, I felt things where somewhat different than earlier. I really felt I was coming HOME! And I still feel that, despite missing friends and family back home in Norway. I am convinced that I am here for a reason, and even if I don’t fully understand everything or know every detail of the purpose of being here, I believe God is in control. He  is both able and mighty to equip and prepare us for what He wants us to do for His Kingdom. And He gives inner peace regardless of circumstances.

A historical day today! The first shippment of coffee from Jeff and Yindee Coffee House is on its way to Trondheim, Norway! This is to test how the logistics work, how long it takes before it arrive.

Today I was really looking forward visiting the childrens home BAAN JING JAI in Pattaya. I have been there once before, and met so many poor and orphaned children that captured my heart. I really felt Gods heart for these children.

Today I was heading off trying to find a congregation, a local Vineyard church. Together with my pastors and friends in Plan B, Grethe and Dag, I had done some research before I left Norway, and found that there was a Vineyard Church in the city of Rayong.