Childrens home BAAN JING JAI in Pattaya

Today I was really looking forward visiting the childrens home BAAN JING JAI in Pattaya. I have been there once before, and met so many poor and orphaned children that captured my heart. I really felt Gods heart for these children.

And today I waas travelling alone for the first time. But I did not take into account how difficult it would be to find it. After driving several hours, not knowing where to go next, I stopped the car. A bit frustrated, I looked around, and suddenly I noticed a truck just beside me. And to my surprise, it had the name of the childrens home on it!! Wow! I stepped out of my car, and walked over to the truck. I told the driver I was looking for the orphanage, and wondered if he could help me. It turned out he was on his way there, so we could just "follow that car" all the way. I felt so blessed and thankful for Gods guidence! 

I had a wonderful day visiting the orphanage, meeting the children and just beeing together with them. And for every child I met, I would say a prayer inside, asking God to bless them and give them hope and a future. I met three lovely young girls that talked a bit english, and I had the privilege to be with them most of the day. They had spent most of their life in the childrens home, one of them from the age of two. They shared their hopes and dreams for the future with me, and it really touched my heart. And my heart cried out to God for these girls, that He would reach down and bless them, so that they one day in the future would have their dreams fulfilled! These girls need need us to reach out a hand and give what God has given us! But are we willing to do so?

The wonderful Khun Pingta, who is the manager and enthusiast behind the Baan Jing Jai Children's home in Pattaya, Thailand has helped give many children a happy start in life which they would not have got otherwise. There are no hand outs or benefits for such children's homes here in Thailand, so they are totally dependent on donations and whilst so many good people have helped the home over the years, they still need funds to continue the fantastic work and expand this wonderful project.

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