Trying to find Rayong Vineyard

Today I was heading off trying to find a congregation, a local Vineyard church. Together with my pastors and friends in Plan B, Grethe and Dag, I had done some research before I left Norway, and found that there was a Vineyard Church in the city of Rayong.

I did not know much about them, but I remembered something about coffee... ? I had a Thai friend to drive me, but none of us knew where to go, apart from to Rayong, which is a large city. But a mission is a mission, so off we went! After almost two hours drive, finding nothing, we got help from a moped taxi that said he knew where this church was. Sadly he didn't, and I realized we were totally lost! I asked my friend to stop the car and pull over. I was THAT close giving up and return home, but I felt I was destined to find this small church, so I folded my hands, closed my eyes and prayed: Dear Lord! I thought You sent me here to do something important!! As You can see, I am totally lost! I really could need some help from You! 

Two seconds later, I looked out of the car, noticing a coffee shop on the opposite side. And then I remembered....there was something about coffee...don't know what or why..., but yes, some connection between this Vineyard Church and Coffee. So I went out of the car and over to the Coffee Shop, named Yindee Coffe House. No sign of a church, nothing saying this was a Vineyard. Still, I went in to the Coffe Shop, and asked politely: Exuse me, I'm looking for a church! Is this a Vineyard Church???  To my surprise, the people inside just smiled at me, and a man, which turned out to be the pastor, answered in surprisingly good english, that I had come to the right place! My heart pounded, and I realized that God just answered my prayer. I did not know what to expect, but I knew that I found this church for a reason.

I had a great afternoon with Jeff & Aw and their friends in Rayong Vineyard, and I got to hear the fantastic story of how Jeff and his wife began their journey with God and how Jeff left a secure income as an ingeniour to become a pastor and barista, starting Rayong Vineyard and his own coffee roasting-Yindee Coffee House. Jeff told me about the village in Chiang May from where he buys his organic arabica beans. 57 families converted from buddhism to christianity, and because of this, they stopped growing opium and started width coffee instead. Next time I come to Thailand, I really want to visit this village! 

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