Finally I'm back in Thailand

 Today I got my own Thai mobilnumber! Wow! Feels great! ? And how fun to receive my first Thai phonecall.

So far I have had two hours with Thai Lessons. Not easy to learn, but oh so fun!

When I came to Thailand this time, I felt things where somewhat different than earlier. I really felt I was coming HOME! And I still feel that, despite missing friends and family back home in Norway. I am convinced that I am here for a reason, and even if I don’t fully understand everything or know every detail of the purpose of being here, I believe God is in control. He  is both able and mighty to equip and prepare us for what He wants us to do for His Kingdom. And He gives inner peace regardless of circumstances.

 I have had some very nice days in the company of Jeff and his wife Tida. We visited the land where they hope to buid a new building housing the church, Yindee Coffe House, a music studio and a physiotherapy clinic. We prayed together for the land and the future building, and that God must make a way and make it possible to both raise money and get the building up and running in a year, before the contract they have now, needs to be terminated. It’s wonderful and exciting to se what strong faith this people have, and how they trust God with all they have.