Why I love being in this church

I came width Jeff to the site where they are going to build their new home for Yindee Coffee House the church for a second time. It’s so exiting to be a part of this and to see what God does!
I really enjoy beeing with my friends in Rayong Vineyard and in Yindee Coffee House with all these fantastic people. I can feel that I’m in the right place at the right time. Here comes people for a cup of coffee, to talk about life and share stories while there is worship beeing played in the room next door.

Sometimes Jeff and his musical friends perform and make events to raise money to help homeless cats in the neighborhood. And when a homeless dog with cancer came along and made the entrence of Yindee Coffe House his home, they raised money for the operation. The dog is now fully recovered and lives outside the Yindee Coffee House, where he gets food and water every day.
This is a place that touches my heart, where all of Gods living , both people and animals are loved and taken care of.

But still, the most fantastic experience I have had, is seeing all the people with their different stories coming to faith, meeting a living and loving God and finding hope and a new life with Jesus beeing the center.
I want to sharesome of these stories with you, the story of their life and how they met Jesus. All human beeings are unique and have different personalities, but God knows who we are because he created us, and He knows the way to reach every single beating heart!

This first story is about a young girl I met, Fang

She shared her story with me today. In her broken english she told me about her way into becoming a christian, and she smiled from ear to ear and her eyes sparkled when she did.

Fang told me that she is a proffesional singer. Her brother and grandfather was catholics, but the rest of the family was budhists. She herself had been in different settings, but did not believe in anything.
Four months ago she came to Rayong Vineyard. Back than she had met the man who would later become her husbond. He had his life totally changed when he first came to Yindee Coffee House and met the Vineyard church. He was a christian, but after some tought things happening in his life, he lost all hope and almost his faith too. He wanted to end his life. But when he came to Rayong Vineyard and attended one of their meetings, he had a powerful encounter with God and had a change of heart. He became a part of the church and came to meetings regularly.
When Fang met him, he naturally wanted her to come with him to his church and meet his new friends there, and she did.
She told me that when she came with him, she still did not believe in anything, bu tafter listening to Jeff and his teaching, she just knew in her heart that Jesus was real and she could feel his presence. She recieved Christ as her savior and friend and became a christian. And one month ago she was baptised in nearby lake, and she told me she was so happy.

It’s so fantastic to be here in Thailand meeting our brothers and sisters and to listen to all their lifechanging stories and testimonies about how they came to believe in Jesus and experienced His love.
A big thank to Jeff and his wife Tida for all their efforts and hard work for the people in Rayong! They are salt and light in this city!