I'm in Chiang Mai!!

At last, after a long trip, driving on bumby roads in the bush, I'm finally here! It's a dream come true! I get to see the village, the coffee plant and meet with the people living here! God has taken me on an adventure, one of I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams.

The owner of the coffee plant, Jon, was kind enough to pick us up on the airport, and he drove all the way on the bumpy and narrow «road» through the jungle up to the village. Before we drove up into the mountains, we had lunch, and listened to John, sharing his story about the opiumplant he inherited from his grandfather when his father was shot dead by opium merchants. It was both heartbreaking and incredible. He was only ten years when he lost his father, and his mother died when he was twenty. But this strong young man did not give up! He gave his life to Jesus, and started his mission to turn the old ways into right ways, making an honest living by growing the best of quality coffee instead of selling opium.This young man was so talented that the king of Thailand, as I wrote about earlier, came visiting, not one time, but three times! And you must understand that having the king showing such interest in his plant, was an incredible experience and a great encouragement for John.

We met a nice young man who was responsible for the daily operation of the farm, working for John. John, beeing the owner of the plant and the land, also had a Coffee/ Tea Shop in the city, where he sold his coffee, and of course Yindee Coffee. 

We where told that in the days before we arrived, the weather had been terrible with heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and the poor sandy road had a tuff time keeping the water from washing it down the hill. But Jon said, that when we arrived, it suddenly stopped raining and the sun even showed her face again. And by Gods grace and blessing, we did not see the rain at all while we stayed in the village. And funny enough, when we entered the car, returning to Chiang Mai, it started to rain again…. A coincidence you may think… But I truly believe God wanted us to be able to explore the area and walk around among coffee trees, soaking in the beautiful atmosphere talking to the people living there.