Chiang Mai - exploring

Jon took us to a nearby village, not far from the border of Myanmar, where he had teached two young men to grow coffee and tea. And as a man of good faith and heart, wanting to help these men to succeed and make a living, he actually buys the coffee and tea from them, later ending up at Yindee Coffee House with Jeff! How wonderful to see this brave mans heart for his people, and his faith in God!

As for the around 400 people living in this village, they are really poor! They struggle every day to have enough food for their families. They belong to a tribe called Lahu, and they are not very well treated, because they originally came from China and Myanmar. I was told, that just a few weeks back, a young boy was shot by guards on the border of Myanmar. The Lahu village was close to the border, and I could see Myanmar from the hills over the village.

Many had come to Rayong, listening to Jeff telling the story of the Coffee adventure and this village. Many where inspired and wanted to help, but no one came back to actually do something. Maybe it was to hazardous travelling into this jungle and isolated place, maybe it was because of the Myanmar border patrole, I don’t know! But I DO know that I feel oh so privileged to be the first "falang" meeting this beautiful people in person, and with my own hands be able to touch, smell and see the famous coffee beans! To visit their new church was just fantastic! It did not matter if I could not speak their language, I felt Gods presence and His heart for this people! I felt at home, at peace and that I was exactly where God wanted me to be! I am totally in awe and grateful for being blessed and able to do this trip.