Visiting the nearby village - a tea plant!

I was introduced to a friend of Jon who made tea in the other village, and again I got to hear his story. He used to be a military, some sort of a specialforce soldier in Puket, and he had been through tuff times and seen a lot of terrible things.

Now he had started a new life in this village, and by the teaching of Jon, he was able to grow tea and had a house where he dried the tea-leaves. He invited me in so I could see for myself.
So now I know that there is both very good coffee and tea produced in these villages!

The Lahu tribe have their own language, which I descovered trying to talk to this sweet young mother picking tea leaves. I tried to say «savadika», as the Thai people say when they greet each other, but I soon understood that she did not understand any thai language. I thought this was strange, after all, she was born and lived in Thailand. But then Jeff told me that, to my surprise, I was the first «falang» (foreigner) ever to visit this village together with Jeff.