Chiang Mai - going back to Rayong

On our way home, waiting to return to Rayong, Jeff took me on a «Coffee Shop-jumping» in Chiang Mai, the capitale of coffehouses in Thailand! I have never seen so many Coffe Shops in none place before! And I think I got my dose of coffein that day. But what a day, and what a splendid way to end our adventure. In one of the Coffee Shops, one of Jeffs favorites, he shared his dream about Yindee, Rayong Vineyard and a new building with room for a music studio and creating a enviroment with worship beeing the center.

Suddenly a forreign lady looking eastern european went in to the room. She looked at Jeff, and I could see she thought she knew him. She came to our table and asked politely, with a smile: «You must be the owner of Yindee Coffe House in Rayong!? I was there three years ago! You have the best coffee in Rayong!» And then she wanted to take a selphie with Jeff! What an encouragement for Jeff! And if that wasn’t good enough, at the next place we sat down, an other lady came in, saw Jeff and came directly over to us, greeting him heartfully, giving compliments about his coffee.
And before we left Chiang Mai, we bumped into a young man, who Jeff had met several years ago, when this man was in crisis and without work. Jeff teached him how to make coffee and be a barista, and even gave him his old coffee machines to help him start his business.
If there is one thing I have learned in these few days in Chiang Mai, besides that God is great and I’m on an adventure with him, it’s that Jeff means a lot to many people. His way of life and the love he has for his people, no matter their social status, touches the hearts of the ones he meet. And I am so happy for him, that this trip was a blessing for him too, not just me!