Back in Rayong Vineyard

The sunday after we returned to Rayong, I asked Jeff if I could share my thoughts and how I have felt being a part of this adventure and the trip to Chiang Mai, and suddenly I found myself standing there in front of this wonderful people!

Soon I'm going to return to Norway and leave all this, but right now, I don't want to go! I feel so at home and I am so excited to see what's next for Yindee Coffee and Rayong Vineyard! I just love everything about this church, what they do and how they live, and my only comfort is that I am returning, and hopefully it will not be too long. When I shared my heart, I could feel Gods love for this church, and I know He has great plans and a bright future for Jeff, Tida and everyone belonging to Rayong Vineyard.

This sunday we celebrated and said goodbye to a young man and a musician who was leaving Rayong to study in another city. We got to pray for him, and he blessed us with his beautiful music, playing the violin.