It so special to be a part of the worship in Rayong Vineyard! And it is fascinating how they use the same songs as we do in Norway, and in Plan B. God is the same wherever we travel, and he is worthy to be praised in all tongues! 

The sunday after we returned to Rayong, I asked Jeff if I could share my thoughts and how I have felt being a part of this adventure and the trip to Chiang Mai, and suddenly I found myself standing there in front of this wonderful people!

I came width Jeff to the site where they are going to build their new home for Yindee Coffee House the church for a second time. It’s so exiting to be a part of this and to see what God does!
I really enjoy beeing with my friends in Rayong Vineyard and in Yindee Coffee House with all these fantastic people. I can feel that I’m in the right place at the right time. Here comes people for a cup of coffee, to talk about life and share stories while there is worship beeing played in the room next door.

Today I was heading off trying to find a congregation, a local Vineyard church. Together with my pastors and friends in Plan B, Grethe and Dag, I had done some research before I left Norway, and found that there was a Vineyard Church in the city of Rayong.