On our way home, waiting to return to Rayong, Jeff took me on a «Coffee Shop-jumping» in Chiang Mai, the capitale of coffehouses in Thailand! I have never seen so many Coffe Shops in none place before! And I think I got my dose of coffein that day. But what a day, and what a splendid way to end our adventure. In one of the Coffee Shops, one of Jeffs favorites, he shared his dream about Yindee, Rayong Vineyard and a new building with room for a music studio and creating a enviroment with worship beeing the center.

I was introduced to a friend of Jon who made tea in the other village, and again I got to hear his story. He used to be a military, some sort of a specialforce soldier in Puket, and he had been through tuff times and seen a lot of terrible things.

Jon took us to a nearby village, not far from the border of Myanmar, where he had teached two young men to grow coffee and tea. And as a man of good faith and heart, wanting to help these men to succeed and make a living, he actually buys the coffee and tea from them, later ending up at Yindee Coffee House with Jeff! How wonderful to see this brave mans heart for his people, and his faith in God!

At last, after a long trip, driving on bumby roads in the bush, I'm finally here! It's a dream come true! I get to see the village, the coffee plant and meet with the people living here! God has taken me on an adventure, one of I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams.