Jeff & Tida are astounded by what God has done through the coffee roasting and the café. As a family, they opened their coffee shop in Rayong with the hopes of providing a place for the community to gather and connect. 
In a 96% Buddhist culture and a 1% Christian culture, attending a church to search for spiritual meaning is not on the radar for most. However, attending a store front shop to have a cup of coffee just might be. Jeff went on a journey to learn the art of roasting and has not only perfected the art of coffee roasting with innovative products from these single origin beans, but he now has trained 4 other coffee shop owners in Thailand, providing them with his product.

Both Café and Church

A sunday meeting in Rayong Vineyard

The design and interiour of the coffee shop itself is very intentional. Various styles of furniture are separated into smaller circles of relationship throughout the coffees shop. The furniture is not uniform, is mismatched and deliberately imperfect. A trait that alone creates conversation. An addition was added to the coffee shop to make room for a band to play and more seating to be added.

The Vineyard community now gathers in the coffee shop for worship and sharing on Sundays… and a cup of coffee of course. When Jeff is not preaching, roasting coffee beans or training other roasters, he can be found having a cup of coffee with the customers who come to enjoy Yindee Coffee Shop. Conversations are easy, spiritual conversations are even easier. 

The Vineyard community have had the honour of baptising several locals, and each of those people encountered the story of Jesus over a cup of coffee in Yindee Coffee Shop. In a 96% Buddhist culture, a cup of coffee appears to be one of the ways to Jesus. The story that starts with the opium trade and the inherent invitation to addiction, stumbles into redeeming the seeds of injustice and ultimately finding its full redemption in the waters of baptism. Isn’t that just like God?

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Greetings from Jeff, Rayong July 2017

Vision ‘CAPHUDIO’ (Church/Coffee/Physiotherapy/Music Studio) develops out of a sustainable business as ministry of Rayong Vineyard Christian Fellowship called 'Yindee Coffee Roasters’ as it has reached out and connect with the community while serving poor coffee growers and sustaining the church financially at the same time since 2012. In 2017, there are new young members that join the church with remarkable talents. All of them love Jesus and all of them are business minded.

COFFEE : ‘Yindee Coffee Roasters’, our coffee business has become quite known in the city for the good quality. Soon, Yindee Coffee will need bigger space and more people to come in and share the workloads. 

CHURCH : Rayong Vineyard is now a church 7 days a week and is meeting in Yindee Coffee space. The church is growing, and the café area is a bit too small for the size of Sunday congregation.

PHYSIOTHERAPY : Two young professional physiotherapists just joined our team. One of them lead worship, love coffee and have some barista’s knowledge. They are both willing to use their healing hands to bless the church by running a small physiotherapist clinic plus helping with the coffee business. 

MUSIC STUDIO : A young couple, both being professional musicians, recently joined our church. Wanting to use their talents for Jesus, they now add up to our existing worship team. They already have some music studio equipment at home. Our dream is to record old worship songs that we translated into Thai, as well as writing and record new Thai Christian worship songs.

This vision comes out of who we are, what we do and some of what we already have and have done. We dream of fitting all of these functions and areas of surving into one common building where our fellowship and outreach can be spontaneous, natural and on a daily basis.

We are praying for: - Somewhere we can have enough space for all our activities. It could be a new place to build this or a building to rent. - Someone to help us in term of knowledge and training in all the areas above. - Help with the coffee business, the physiotherapy and for a home studio equipment (new or used) so we can be more effective and do even better. 

Blessings from Jeff & Aw in Thailand

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