Welcome to Thailand

Thailand is called the Land of Smiles because the Thais really do smile a lot, but let it be known that not all these "smiles," called yim in Thai, are what the foreigner would normally define as a happy smile. The Thais have a wide range of terms for different types of smiles, thirteen to be exact. They're like the Eskimos with all their different terms for snow.


513000km2 total area
67million people
2560The Year in Thai calender
150Kg rice per person

Facts about Thailand

People and tribes


Thailand is an exciting country to explore, and a land full of contrasts. You'll find geographical differences regarding both wealth, source of income, culture and language. It takes time to understand and embrace the way of the Thai people. Western people need to educate themselves, learning about Thai history, culture and the unspoken rules of this beautiful country, to fully experience the true Thailand.

Tourism in Thailand

Tourism's impact on Thailand

Many western people travel to Thailand ever year, and a growing number of these choose a longterm stay. We all know about the dark side of tourism and how young men and women suffer from abuse, following the money, dreaming of a better future. We as tourists have a responsibility to respect the culture and even more, the people. The legacy of western people visiting Thailand must not be environmental destruction and moral decay. We need to wake up and take responsibility!

The children

The least of the smallest

In every country, regardless of economy and riches, the ones suffering because of adults immorality and greed, is the children. Though the child mortality in the country has gone down, there are still serious questions to attend to. Too many children have missed out on the benefits of Thailand’s development – particularly the children of ethnic minorities, migrants and the very poor.


Ethnic Highlanders

Thailand is the homeland of a wide range of various ethnic groups. The northern highlands in particular, contain the greatest number of ethnic groups. Geographically the northern region is characterized by a mountainous terrain.
These hill peoples are distributed geographically across 20 provinces from the northernmost Chiang Rai, to the central region as far south as Prachuap Khiri Khan.

We as visitors and tourists MUST learn to understand and respect the Thai way of living! We can not be indifferent to what impact our presence means to the people and country! If we want to continue to discover and experience the authentic Thailand, we must act NOW! This beautiful country, as seen below, will only stay this way if we do what is right and best for Thailand. I hope you agree with me on this!

Blessings , Karin