From Opium

to coffee beans

and baptism

The story..

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Yindee Coffee
Yindee coffee House

Jeff and his wife visiting Chiang Mai for the first time, looking for the best coffee beans to bring back to the Yindee Coffee Roaster in Rayong.

The story begins with a farmer in Northern Thailand. His grandfather moved from Southern China to Thailand to grow opium, hoping to capture a piece of the lucrative opium trade between Great Britain and China. Two generations cultivated this nutritious rich soil, carefully tending the opium plants as they emerged from the soil. Then the land was passed from grandfather and father to grandson.

After an encounter with Jesus, the grandson had a new dream and new vision for the land. A dream to redeem this well toiled land and grow a legal product, organic coffee beans. He wanted to plant seeds of justice in the soil of injustice.

After several years of redeeming the land..

two stories collided in this once mother of opium highlands. Jeff, a Vineyard pastor, who had just opened a coffee shop in Rayong, was on the search for the right fit for his coffee dream: To buy single origin coffee beans grown in the rich nutritious soil of Northern Thailand, from a farmer he could trust. A farmer than believed that what he grew was as important as how he grew it.

The two met each other and the rest is history.

The adventure of Yindee Coffee

Most of the Yindee Coffe House Coffee comes from the mountains of Northern Thailand, grown by the Lahu Tribe. Jeff and his family roast all of the beans and make everything from scratch, so that the customers know they are receiving the best quality.

Yindee Coffee House

Silverado C, Rayong, Thailand via Tripadvisor

Passion for Coffee
Very welcoming and friendly but it's Jeff's passion for coffee and quest for the best that make each visit fascinating. Yindee roast their own beans, mostly sourced in Northern Thailand but frequently sample other varieties and sources as "guest" coffees. A place to relax and watch the world go by.

Pitiphat Wannapo, Rayong Province Thailand via Tripadvisor

The best coffee in Rayong
A place for those who love to drink coffee or have a passion about coffee. So I recommend this place. The owner have a passion and inspiration to serve good coffee. Who will come to try this coffee shop you will not regret. Good coffee,Good service, Hospitality and Free Wi-Fi. The best coffee in Rayong!!!

Mikayla B, San Diego, California via Tripadvisor

Such a cute coffee shop!
This family run coffee shop is a great place to unwind or re-energize when you are traveling; I went with a group of friends, and the atmosphere was so unique and inviting I didn't want to leave. It was so interesting hearing the story of how the shop came to be, and i might add the coffee was fantastic! I highly recommend stopping by this coffee shop for its great atmosphere and its excellent coffee.

jobst56, Hamburg, Germany via Tripadvisor

Best latte on the eastern seaboard!
Excellent organic - yindee - coffee, the latte was the best I've had for a while. Sundays closed! Very nice owner who speaks perfect English. Unfortunately no cakes, just a few peanut snacks. They sell the coffee on the premises. The location marked on Tripadvisor's map is not correct: You have to go further south on Rimnam Road and cross another bridge. Then on your right.